Skill up

The aim of this program is to create a positive impact on the lives of under privileged youth people and communities. The Foundation complements strives on sustainability in its value chain. KKF believes that knowledge, an entrepreneurial mindset and self-empowerment are the key to economic independence and development. To facilitate this, it has started support through vocational training for youth development that focus on education and entrepreneurship.


Vocational training and education for young people, focusing on knowledge and skills that will help them improve their prospects of learning a trade or a profession and thus of having a better future.


Life-skills training and coaching for young people, to help them to become independent, seize the initiative where they can, and leverage opportunities to become more self-sufficient, either as proactive employees or through self-employment.


KKF is supporting education, training and vocational-training, and coaching projects for its shelter house children and has a plan to start it for all over the country and where our support can have the greatest impact. Currently, we are supporting our shelter house children for their capacity development.

Our decision to support focused on entrepreneurship and education is based on the belief that these can help people leverage opportunities to become more self-sufficient, either as proactive employees or through self-employment. Under either scenario, a stable income leads to greater economic independence and social development.

Following this approach, we select partners and projects alike, and monitor and evaluate the progress that is made.


A key element in all the training we planned are driven by local demand, and command broad community support. We put great emphasis on the sustainability of our interventions to ensure that the training may help them towards sustainable livelihoods in near future.


Till date, KKF has developed following training outline of both national and international standards to cater to the needs of the respective sectors. With the support of the X-INDEX group of companies, KKF started its pilot project since 2020, providing young people with the vocational education necessary for them to build their capacity for self-employment. In near future, it also has a plan to train the young people in ceramics training, hotel management, baking and cooking,  mobile phone repair, electrical wiring, car driving, automobile engineering and refrigerator/AC repair. After completion of the training, they enjoy employment opportunities. Those who demonstrate initiative and management skills, receive support to establish their own businesses.

The existing modules are as follows: