While aiding out marginalized communities affected by the COVID-19 foundation worked for an organization named ‘Bachte Chai’, which is operated by an ex-floating sex worker at present who is an activist and working dedicatedly for the struggling mobile sex workers of Dhaka City.

The growing concerns for floating sex workers made them rethink their profession, eventually being pulled back after superstitious hypes of risk factors and other perks. Here is the point where KK Foundation intervenes, driving them to quit the labyrinth to secure a brighter tomorrow for them and their children.

Our expertise team immediately formulated a 180-degree plan- and launched a project named project U-Turn under its Qard e Hasanah Program. The main objective of this program is to work with those sex workers who desperately want to move out from the profession but because of the taboo or social circumstances or for the external forces failing to do so and incorporate them with respected livelihoods. Foundation is giving the priority more to those who have children or who are very new in the profession. It also has a plan to rehabilitate their children in its Joy Shokol Shishur Program and will train the mother in numbers of areas along with job opportunities.

Giving is not just about making a donation, it’s about making a difference