Joy Sokol Shishur

Joy Sokol Shishur

Joy for all Children (Joy Shokol Shishur)


A large number of stranded and defenseless children around the world lack nourishment, medicine, protection, basic clothing and schooling. Some are forsaken by parents who are either addicted to drugs or alcoholism, while others are left on the streets because their families are extremely poor, making it impossible for them to nurture their children. Despite the reasons, the message that these children hear is constantly the same: you are undesirable, you are separated from everyone else in the world, and you matter to nobody. The hope of a happy life remains a far off dream.

Who are we?

‘Joy Shokol Shishur’ blessing home is a registered foundation — an initiative of KK Foundation which has been founded to aid in rescuing children from situations of abuse, homelessness or severe neglect. We do this by giving residential care, supporting education, medicine and opportunities for self-sufficiency and dignity. The home started its journey in November 2018 by Arch Mazherul Qader, a philanthropic social worker, to protect and heal children victimized by neglect, exploitation and homelessness; also from the abusive and uncaring environment of the slums of Dhaka and poverty stricken villages beyond. We believe this program makes a big difference in these young lives.

The journey began with three children since November 2018 and now it is providing shelter to more than 75 distressed children. The home is equipped with good facilities and proper supervision ensuring that every child can look forward to a better future. Well trained staff and caretakers look after the children with love, warmth, security, and stability that only a home can provide.


Our vision is to provide safety, nutrition, education, medical attention and love that these abandoned children deserve, enable and empower such children to stand on their own feet, help them become responsible citizens, and lead meaningful lives contributing to the people and society around them.


Our mission is to participate and work together with local authorities and individuals to offer a chance at life and a new start to homeless and endangered children. We intend to give good education, periodic medical care, security and affection, a supportive environment that promotes self-discipline, motivation and excellence in learning. With the help of generous partners, we demonstrate the love of Almighty in tangible ways through our work. We are fully accountable to our partners, sponsors and well-wishers.

Sl No.
66.15-08-2022National Mourning Day Observation
KKF observed 15th August 2022, the “National Mourning Day” and 47th Martyrdom anniversary of the Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, with due reverence and solemnity. Children of Joy Shokol Shishur participated in numbers of competitions and activities with greatest respect.
65.30-07-2022Recreational Visit to Bangladesh Air Force Museum
On the occasion of Eid ul Adha children along with shelter house staff visited Bangladesh Air Force Museum on July 30, 2022. They enjoyed a lot in the museum.
64.12-07-2022Visit of Honorable Chairman to Joy Shokol Shishur Program
Honorable Chairman Arch. Md. Mazherul Quader visited shelter house children in the occasion of Eid ul Adha. He spent quality time with the children and brought sweets and fruits for them. Children enjoyed the day and his company. All the shelter house staff along with Ms. Sifat E Azam, Executive Director were present in the house.
63.09-07-2022 to
Eid ul Adha
Mehendi Night

All the children participated to decorate the center for Eid Ul Adha and also celebrated Chaand raat putting Mehendi in their hands.
Eid Dress Distribution
All the children and support staff received eid dresses and relevant accessories as a gift from the foundation and enjoyed the day very much.
KKF’s Eid Ul Adha Celebration
The holy Eid-ul-Azha, the second biggest religious festival of the Muslims, was celebrated in KKF on July 10 (Sunday) with due solemnity and religious fervor. Children of Joy Shokol Shishur Program also celebrated the occasion at their best.
62.25-06-2022Expressing Emotion Workshop by Project Pothchola
As a part of foundation’s Mental Health Awareness Program from Project Pothchola, shelter house children received a workshop on ‘Expressing Emotion’ on 25th June. Sixty Seven children participated in the workshop and enlighten about expressing emotion related activities and issues.
Awareness Drama on Child Labor Day
Worldwide, every year 12 June is celebrated as Child Labor day. The theme for World Day against Child Labor 2022 was “Universal Social Protection to End Child Labor”. The theme was dedicated to the cause of increasing investment in social protection systems and schemes to establish solid social protection for protecting children from child labor.
Shelter house children arranged an awareness drama considering the day. All the children along with the program office staff enjoyed the drama by the children.
60.03-06-2022Parents Meeting
A meeting was held with the parents of shelter house children on 3rd June 2022 where parents were updated about their respective child. Mentors and staffs explained parents about the advantages and facilities that children are receiving from the program.
59.22-05-2022Picnic 2022 (A Day Out in the Fantasy Kingdom)
The COVID-19 pandemic has caused incredible impacts on people’s travel behavior. Since the last waves of Covid 19, Omicron and Delta were in bad shape earlier this year KKF could not arrange a picnic for the shelter house children. Since the situation is getting better, on May 22, 2022, after the end of the children’s exam a day trip was arranged to Fantasy Kingdom Theme Park.
All the children enjoyed a lot through numbers of fun activities, happy rides, photo session and lunch.
58.04-05-2022Dia Bari
On the occasion of Eid-ul-Fitr, the children of ‘Joy Shokol Shishur’ went to Uttara Dia Bari on May 4, 2022. Senior staff of the shelter house program accompanied the children. Children enjoyed the evening at their best.
57.02-05-2022 to
Eid ul Fitr
Chand Raat Celebration
Eid Dresses

Like every year shelter house children celebrated the Chand Raat. They put Mehendi in their hand and decorated the house.
All the children received their Eid dresses, shoes, and relevant cosmetics and jewelry for the Eid.
Eid Food
Since the inception of KKF, we have been working to spread the joy of Eid among the less fortunate. As a part of it, this year, foundation arranged improved food for three days for its Joy Shokol Shishur Program. Through this, KKF spread the joy of the festival and putting smiles in the faces of the distressed and orphan children of the shelter house.
56.01-05-2022May Day 2022
Every year there is a different theme for Labor Day, but for 2022 no theme has been assigned. So nationwide it continued with the 2021 theme “maintaining safety and security at the workplace” to raise awareness about the Corona Virus pandemic. An awareness workshop was arranged at the program office where staff and children were made aware about the day.
55.27-03-2022Iftar Party
An iftar party was organized for the donors, staff, and shelter house children on dated March 27, 2022, at the premises of KKF Program office. Along with all the staff and donors, honorable Senior Advisor Ms. Ehsa Mahin was also present and graced the occasion.
A special prize-giving ceremony was arranged for the disciplined and extraordinary performance of few children in the month of Ramadan. Senior Advisor, distributed the prize among the participants.
54.26-03-2022Celebrating March in Memories of the Greatest Bengali Ever Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman
KKF observed Independence Day with Commemoration of War Martyrs.

KKF commemorated the Liberation War martyrs whose sacrifices ensured Bangladesh’s freedom from Pakistani oppression in 1971. The national flag was hoisted at sunrise in KKF premises to commemorate the occasion. Children visited Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman

Novo Theatre and Bangabandhu Military Museum.
53.17-03-2022Birthday Celebration of Bangabandhu Seikh Mujibur Rahman and National Children’s Day
The birth anniversary of the greatest Bengali of all time Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman and National Children’s Day is celebrated on 17th March every year since 1997. As usual the Women and Children Affairs Ministry has fixed a theme for the year. The theme is “Equal rights of the children, Commitment of Bangabandhu’s Birthday”.
KK Foundation also celebrated the days along with the children of Joy Shokol Shishur. Two competitions were arranged based on the age group- Essay Writing Competition by the children of the house. In essay writing competition Keya Akter obtained the 1st position and Asha Akter and Ismail secured 2nd and 3rd position respectively.
A small seminar was also arranged based on the theme “Equal rights of the children, Commitment of Bangabandhu’s Birthday” for the KKF officials and children.
52.03-03-2022School Dress Distribution 2022
23 boys and girls received their school uniforms from the foundation.
51.20-02-2022Pitha Festival
Children of Joy Shokol Shishur Program enjoyed pitha festival through an in-house celebration. This year children prepared the pitha on their own and celebrated the events for three days.
50.16-02-2022Master Md. Rasel Received Disable Allowance from the Government of Bangladesh

Master Md. Rasel is a special residential child of Joy Shokol Shishur Program. This child is receiving the facilities of safe shelter, nutritious balanced diet, health care facilities and relevant services from KKF.
On behalf of Rashed with the help of Bank Asia, foundation has opened a bank account for him and after the completion of all the relevant activities, Rasel received 9000 (nine thousand taka) disable allowance for the first time from Bangladesh Government.
49.15-02-2022Winter Gift Box from Rotary Club of Dhaka
KKF received a gift pack containing 40 essential items which included a mattress, pillow, blanket, winter clothes, school bag and relevant materials, personal hygiene materials and so on. 40 children of Joy Shokol Shishur program from age group 5-12 received the gift boxes from Rotary Club of Dhaka.
On the occasion along with the shelter house colleagues Sifat-E-Azam, Executive Director, Rafia Sultana, Acting Head, HR & Admin and other senior officials were present. The distribution ceremony was held on dated 15th February 2022.
48.16-12-2021KKF Celebrates the 50th Victory Day
47.14-12-2021Martyred Intellectuals Day
Observed by the Children of Joy Shokol Shishur Program
46.01-12-2021World Aids Day
Since 1988, 1 December, the world commemorates World AIDS Day. People around the world unite to show support for people living with HIV and to remember those who have died from AIDS-related illnesses. This year the day was focused on a specific theme ‘End inequalities. End AIDS. End pandemics.’
Foundation organized a workshop and aware the children about the day along with coping up with the pandemic in a systematic manner.
45.01-11-2021Project Shishupur
Activity 5 Cartoon Characters Preparation

Foundation has a plan to publish awareness book for the children. As a part, it has introduced its new project named ‘Project Shishupur’. Children were informed about the theme of the project and told to prepare the characters for the book series. The last day of the week was all about the shishupur workshop.

Shishupur Inauguration and Character Presentation
As a part of long-term awareness activities program foundation has planned to launch a program named Shishupur. The main objective of this program is to aware the children specially focusing on underprivileged children on various issues related to their daily lives.
Under this, it has introduced a few characters and a short awareness story. On the occasion of Child Rights Week, they inaugurated the characters with a short play where the characters introduced themselves.
Four Characters were launched and introduced among the guests. For this awareness program children of Joy Shokol Sishur Program have introduced four main characters. Dadu (Grand Father), Bhaiyun (Brother), Bunu (Sister), and Lalu (the Dog). With the help of these characters basically a foundation as a plan to disseminate its awareness messages among the mass. Characters will be increased later on as per the demand of the stories.
Honorable Chief Advisor Mr. Mahin Mazher and Senior Advisor Ms. Esha Mahin grace the session as chief guest and special guest. The session was moderated by Sifat-E-Azam, Executive Director, KKF. The occasion was held in the foundation’s program office on November 1, 2021.
Child Rights Week 2021
Every year, child rights week is observed in KKF. This year the theme was
“Invest for Children, Build Prosperous World (Shishur Jonno Biniyog Kori, Somriddho Bishwo Gori)”. Considering the theme foundation has designed its program in such a manner so that children of Joy Shokol Shishur program enjoyed the week through interesting activities and learning.
Activity 2 Quiz Competition
A quiz competition was held with children age group 3-7 years. Total participants were 30 and at the end of the competition, participants received prizes. Meem achieved the highest score, Al-Amin stood 2nd and Nabila obtained the 3rd position among the participants.
Activity 3 T-Shirt Painting Competition
To encourage the creativity and skill foundation introduced numbers of vocational training for the children based on their age and interest. Foundation provided soft skill training on fabrics, hand and brush painting. To know their area of improvement a t-shirt competition was arranged on October 09, 2021. Ms. Akhi achieved 1st position, Ms. Sohagi Akter Megla and Ms. Bristy obtained 2nd and 3rd position respectively.
Activity 4 Debate Competition
On 10 October a debate competition was arranged with Azompur Govt. High School. The topic was ‘Online Education Vs On Campus Education’. Ms Sohagi Akter Meghla became the best speaker in debate competition. All the participants and audiences have enjoyed the debate competition.
43.15-08-2021National Mourning Day 2021
National Mourning Day was observed as a public holiday in Bangladesh on August 15 across the country. To observe the National Mourning Day 2020 in a befitting manner, Shelter House organized five days long activities.
August 11 “Tungipara’r Miya Bhai” a biographical feature-length film had been screened among the children. The film is based on the historical context featuring about the childhood and adolescence of the Bangabandu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman.
August 12 A Quiz Competition based on Bangladesh, Bangabandhu and National Mourning day was organized for the children of age group 9-12. Total participants were 15
August 13 An Art Competition based on Bangabandhu and Bangladesh was arranged along with the older children belongs to 13-17 years. In total 13 children participated in the program.
August 14 Poem recitation competition was on the 4th day. 15 participants from 5 to 8 years participated in the competition.
August 15 Life story of the Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman was discussed through a workshop and a posters and presentations were given by the children.
42.21-07-2021Eid-Ul-Azha Celebration
Eid Card Competition

On the occasion of Eid ul Adha a card competition was organized by the children of Joy Shokol Shishur. The children were divided into three groups as per their age and prepared Eid cards as the requirements of the competition. Prizes are distributed among the winners at the end of the competition.
41.12-07-2021World Day against Child Labor
The World Day against Child Labor was observed in KKF on July 12, 2021. This year, the theme was ‘Act Now: End Child Labor’. Amid the coronavirus pandemic and global crisis, there has been a drastic surge in child labour across the world due to people facing employment woes. Foundation aware it’s children regarding child labour through a day long activity based workshop.
Celebration of Modhu Mash 2021 with Project Mamar Bari
The bengali month Jaistho is well known as the ‘modhu mas’ which means the month of sweets or honey as most of the summer fruits of Bangladesh are available during this period. As a part of foundation’s food and nutrition program it has arranged ten days long program from July 03 -13, 2021 for the children of Joy Shokol Shishur program. Children named the program as project mamar bari and enjoyed mango, litchi, jackfruits, blackberries, wax apple and other summer fruits as a part of the project activities.
39.14-05-2021Eid-Ul-Fitr Celebration
38.26-03-2021Parents’ Meeting 2021
Parents’ meeting was held with the parents of the children of shelter house. Positive sides of staying in the house and improvement area were discussed.
37.24-03-2021Banking Facilities for the Underprivileged and Socially Excluded Children
In Bangladesh, five to six years ago, only 20.8% of all young adults (aged 15-24) had individual bank accounts, set against an average of 36.7% in South Asia. Moreover, only 1.6% of young adults over 15 used an account to receive wages (WB, Financial Inclusion Data Book 2015). Only the small elite youth had the access to formal banking during that time. As per Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics 7.4 millions of children under 18 are economically active, some of them both living and working on the street and their wages are not safe and secured. Because of this reason majority of their earning they spend, due to lack of opportunity to save their money in safely.
Taking this situation on board, Save the Children and the Bangladesh Bank in 2014, launched bank accounts for street and working children to be rolled out through commercial banks. The account needs to be opened under the guarantee of an NGO, enjoys a good compound interest rate, with an initial deposit of only BDT 10 TK.
Majority children of Joy Shokol Shishur program belongs to this group. These children receive incentives from school, scholarship, vocational training and so on. For the security of the money and to grow a saving mindset Foundation with the help of Bank Asia, took the initiative to open the bank account for all its residential and non-residential children of the house. Shelter House Management took the necessary action and children deposited their money in their account. Foundation is grateful to Bank Asia for kindest cooperation and support.
36.08-03-2021International Women’s Day 2021
Choose to Challenge

The International Women’s Day is being observed in Bangladesh as elsewhere across the globe on March 8, 2021. Like other organizations KKF also celebrated the day and organized a workshop on ‘Stories of Successful Women’. Ms. Sultana Razia, Ex-Director, Ministry of Women and Children Affairs and Ms. Afroza Moazzem, Advisor, KK Foundation and Ex Director General, Department of Bangladesh Haor Wet Land Development, Ministry of Water Resources were present as special guests in the occasion.

On March 9, 2021 Inspector Taslima Akter and Inspector Nurun Nahar from the Victim Support Center, Dhaka Metropolitan Police, Ms Nazia Ferdousi, Lecturer University of Science and Technology, Noakhali, Ms Shirin Sultana from Dhaka Ahsania Mission visited shelter house program and shared their life experiences.

A debate and solo acting competition were arranged by foundation and the guests distributed prizes among the winners. Along with program staffs Sifat E Azam, Executive Director and Rafia Sultana, Head, Admin were also present in the occasion.
On March 10, 2021 Ms. Sabah Khan and Ms. Khaimuna Binte Ashraf from Paribartan Foundation donated industrial sewing machine for foundation’s Swapner Hut Program.
35.07-03-2022Speech Competition
The landmark fiery speech of Bangabandhu inspired the Bengalese to prepare for the War of Liberation. The nation celebrated the historic 7 March, commemorating the landmark speech of Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman which was touted as indirect declaration of the country’s independence in 1971.
Foundation also observed the in its own way. It has arranged a speech competition for the Joy Shokol Shishur children. In the competition, 1st position was achieved by Sumaiya Akter Sufiya, Ishrat Jahan Tanni and Mehedi Hassan attained 2nd and 3rd position respectively.
Short biography of Bangabandhu was also discussed through a storytelling session among the children.
34.21-02-2021Mother Language Day 2021
33.20-01-2021Pitha Uthshob 2021
32.16-12-2020KKF Celebrates 50th Victory Day
The nation on Wednesday, 16th December 2020 celebrated the 50th Victory Day, the most precious day of Bangladeshis, as the country was liberated from the Pakistani occupation forces on the day 49 years back after a nine-month-long bloodstained War of Liberation.

Though the pandemic Covid-19 almost paralyzed the whole world barring the people from attending any public gathering in person, the celebration of Victory Day this year has a different dimension. Foundation organized a football tournament for the shelter house children. Foundation arranged a cultural program by the children and at the end of the program prizes were distributed among the winner of the football tournament. Children were also enlightened about the day though a short seminar by the mentors of the shelter house program.
31.15-12-2020Warm Clothes by Warm Hearts
Children of Joy Shokol Shishur Program received their winter clothes from Give Bangladesh- one of the leading voluntary organization of the country. The children were very happy to receive their new winter clothes and foundation is grateful from the bottom of its heart for this kind and colorful donations for its children.
30.14-12-2020Commemorating Martyred Intellectual Day 2020
49 years ago 14th December Pakistani military, staring at the face of a humiliating defeat, decided to commit one last act of unbelievable cruelty—with the help of the militant and native betrayer groups, they doubled up on their efforts to root out the minds that shaped the spirit of the Liberation War and launched coordinated efforts to massacre Bangladeshi intellectuals, in an attempt to cripple the new nation before it could begin its independent journey. We believe that their attempt failed but not before we suffered unimaginable loss.
Along with the nation KKF with its Joy Shokol Shishur program observe the Martyred Intellectuals Day. Memory games and essay competition were arranged by the Foundation for the children and shelter house staffs also arranged a seminar to aware the children about the values and loss of the day among the children.
Celebration of Child Rights Week
This year ‘Child Rights Week 2020’ has been announced from 5 – 11 October with the theme of ‘Creating a New World with the Children”. Like previous years, this year KK Foundation (KKF) also celebrated ‘Child Rights Week 2020’ at the community level through its Joy Shokol Shishur program to ensure children’s meaningful participation and development.
KKF took initiative to arrange various activities; expressing children’s views about child rights and fighting coronavirus, essay competition on prevention of child marriage, art competition, and awareness theme-based documentary preparation, tree plantation, and indoor and outdoor sports activities.
The main purpose of the week was engaging youth and children in these events. KKF wants to empower the children letting their voices be heard through writings, painting and giving them a platform to express opinions and eliminate all forms of violence against children through sensitizing community people.
The first day of the week was jointly celebrated with Street Children Rehabilitation Program of Ministry of Women and Children Affairs Bangladesh. Mr. Shah Alam, Manager, Women and Children Affairs Bangladesh along with his colleagues visited the shelter house and arranged an art competition. The theme of the competition were ‘Bongo Bandhu and Bangladesh’.
All together 30 children participated in the competition. Rubi Akter, Ishrat Jahan Tonni and Shantona Akter achieved the 1st, 2nd and 3rd prize respectively.
Along with its traditional activities, this year a different approach was taken by the foundation to enhance the creativity of the children. The shelter house children were divided into a number of groups and prepared 11 documentaries. The video clips duration were 3 to 4 minutes each. Story writing, script preparation, camera, costumes, editing all the relevant activities were done by the children with the supervision of shelter house mentors. Ms. Shantona achieved the 1st position and her topic was ‘Eve Teasing’, 2nd position was obtained by Ruby Akter, and the topic was ‘Swapno Puron’ and Rojina made her documentary on ‘Child Trafficking’ and attained 3rd Position.
The last day of child week children arranged a cultural programs and prizes were distributed among the winner.
28.21-09-2020Donation from Meghna Group of Industries
Joy Shokol Shishur – received donation from Meghna Group of Industries on 21st September 2020. As a part of Corporate Social Responsibility Meghna Group of Industries provided stationeries products and few essential food items for the children of the shelter house program.
On behalf of Meghna Group of Industries Mr. Md. Kazi Mohiuddin, General Manager, Brand took the lead and arranged it for us. On September 21, 2020 Mr. Humayun Kabir, Regional Manager, Uttara, Meghna Group of Industries and Mr. Fahmi Fardin, Management Trainee visited the program office and handed over the products to KK Foundation. Ms. Rafia Sultana (Head, Admin) and Mr. Rifat Tanvir (Centre in Charge) were present and received the donation on behalf KKF. Children were overwhelmed with joy upon receiving the gifts.
27.15-08-2020National Mourning Day
The National Mourning Day was observed on 15th August across the country, marking the 45th martyrdom anniversary of the Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman and his family members. The killing of Bangabandhu and most of his family members on the fateful night of August 15, 1975 is the ugliest chapter of the nation’s history. As part of the program, the national flag was hoisted half-mast atop the buildings of the KK Foundation. The life story of the Father of the Nation Sheikh Mujibur Rahman was discussed with the children. The children recited poems and shared stories of Bangabandhu and his famous speech of 7th March to mark the occasion.
Eid Ul Adha Celebration
The children at the KK Foundation Shelter House Program in Dhaka celebrated Eid ul Adha with gift boxes donated by Mr. Mahin Mazher, Managing Director, X- Index group of industries and Chief Advisor of KK Foundation. The gift pack included new Eid dress, cosmetics, and hygiene items. The children normally receive gifts from their parents and relatives during the Eid, but these children miss out because they are orphans with no family, and majority of them were floating children. The children were very happy to receive their gift packets and had a lot of fun opening their gifts and enjoyed the Eid celebration with KKF employees. The happiness in their smiles and in their faces, is unforgettable.
Mr. Mahin Mazher mentioned that all these children were like his own children and for their betterment, many more other activities would be promoted in the Shelter House in addition to the present activities to help alleviate hardship and improve health, education and living conditions of these disadvantaged children. He also mentioned that a small gesture could brighten the lives of these children considerably. He expressed his happiness for receiving all our cooperation and support of his employees, who had donated generously and supported the campaigns in every possible way.
The KKF Shelter House provides shelter, meals, education and support for orphans, floating and distressed children of Dhaka City. Currently, more than 65 children aged 4 to 16 years are cared at this orphanage.
The KKF plans to expand the program all over Bangladesh in the near future. Improved meals were provided for two days and the children enjoyed the Eid day with a number of activities and also organized a cultural program. The KK Foundation is grateful to Mr. Mahin Mazher, for his contribution that is helping the children feel happy and secured during this pandemic.
25.31-07-2020‘Perform Qurbani with KKF’
This year, because of the Covid-19 pandemic people were anxious about performing the Qurbani. The Qurbani is one of the Wajibs for the Muslims which means In Islamic jurisprudence, an obligatory act, with failure to perform it being sinful. This year safety measures got the highest priority because of the pandemic.

To make the process safer and easier for the people, KK Foundation took an initiative named “Perform Qurbani with KKF”. Under the program, one was able to perform Qurbani with the Foundation maintaining several criteria.

The sacrificial animals (cows and goats) were brought directly from the marginal famers ensuring fair prices. All who performed their Qurbani with KKF distributed/donated one third or the entire portion of their sacrificial meat to KKF. The Foundation distributed the donated the meat to residents of old homes, shelter houses, lower income families and slum dwellers.
Our Cow (Amader Goru)
Ms. Afifa Khanam, Educational Consultant and Trainer, and former Government School Principal (Scotland), Lead Trainer of Connecting Classroom Project in Bangladesh with British Council, who resides in the UK donated a cow (her Eid sacrifice) to the Shelter House children. The children were very happy to have their own cow for the Qurbani.
24.12-06-2020World Day against Child Labor
The World Day against Child Labour 2020 focuses on the impact of Covid-19 crisis on child labor. The Covid-19 health pandemic and the resulting economic and labor market shocks are having a huge impact on people’s lives and livelihoods. Unfortunately, children are often the first to suffer. The crisis can push millions of vulnerable children into child labour.

Already, there are an estimated 152 million children working as child labour worldwide, 72 million of them in hazardous work. These children are now at greater risk of facing circumstances that are even more difficult having longer working hours. This year, the World Day has been conducted as a virtual campaign organized jointly with the Global March Against Child Labour and the International Partnership for Cooperation on Child Labour in Agriculture (IPCCLA).

The children of the KKF Shelter House observed the World Day against Child Labor on 12th June 2020. Mentors and staffs of the House shared the impact of child labor on children and society. Awareness and motivational speeches were presented. There are few resident children who were earlier involved in hazardous activities. They also shared their experiences with other children and staff.
23.25-05-2020Eid Ul Fitr Celebration in Shelter House
Eid-ul-Fitr, the largest religious festival of Muslims, was celebrated in the country on 25th May 2020. This year, the Eid was celebrated with a different scenario without any outdoor program and Eid Jamaat at Eidgahs due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The government urged the Muslims to avoid gathering and the children of the Shelter House were restricted from any outdoor activities. The children followed flexible routine and enjoyed indoor games, watched special television programs and played inside the shelter house yard. Improved meals were provided among the children and staffs for three days. The children also enjoyed cultural activities organized by themselves.
22.20-05-2020Celebration of Modhu Mash
The Bengali month Jaisthyo is known as the modhu mash which means the month of sweets or honey as most of the summer fruits of Bangladesh are available during this time. The children of the Shelter House enjoyed mango, lychi, jackfruits, berries, wax apple and other summer fruits in different days of the month.
21.01-05-2020World Labor Day
The children of the Shelter House observed the World Labor Day on 1st May 2020. This year, due to the pandemic alert across the world, the theme for International Labor Day 2020 is take as maintaining safety and security at the workplace. The background of the day, labor’s rights and rules worldwide were discussed with the children through an in-house workshop.
20.14-04-2020A Different Pohela Boishakh
This year, Bangladeshis across the country celebrated Pohela Boishakh, the first day of the Bangla New Year, in a different manner due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Virtual media and digital devices played a major role in the festivities, as the majority of the population was forced to stay home. Usual programs were cancelled because of the Covid-19 outbreak.
In the shelter house, Pohela Boisakh was celebrated in a limited manner due to corona virus pandemic. Children were served traditional food and prepared a colorful wall magazine with artworks and stories highlighting the significance of Pohela Boishakh.
19.26-03-2020KKF Observed Independence Day Amid Shutdown
The KKF observed Independence Day on 26th March 2020. This year the government cancelled all programs of the day as the country is fighting to contain the transmission of Covid-19. An in-house seminar was arranged for the children of the shelter house where they were enlightened about the importance of the day. A cultural program was arranged by the children on the occasion.
18.17-03-2020“Mujib Shoto Borsho” and National Children Day Celebration
The 100th birthday of the Father of the Nation, Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman was celebrated in the shelter house. On March 17, 2020, KKF organized a cultural program in its Program Office. Stories and lessons from his life were discussed with the children.
The children celebrated the grand birthday by cutting a big cake made from Talent Chef Café and presented a small cultural program for the guests.
17.08-03-2020Each or Equal: Ms. Esha Mahin, Senior Advisor, KK Foundation Attended a Seminar on Women’s Day 2020
On the occasion of World Women’s Day 2020, Institute of Cost and Management Accountants of Bangladesh (ICMAB) organized a seminar in their auditorium. The theme of the occasion was “I am Generation Equality: Realizing Women’s Rights”. The Honorable State Minister of Women and Children Affairs, Ms. Fazilatun Nessa Indira M.P was the Chief Guest and the Deputy Managing Director, “Probashi Kalyan Bank” Ms. Mahtab Zabin was the Special guest of the program. The Senior Advisor, KK Foundation Ms. Esha Mahin graced the occasion as “Guest of Honor”. She presented her valuable speech on equity for all women in the society, the correct life mapping for women’s future endeavor and the role KK Foundation is playing in this regard.
16.06-03-2020Children Display Art Works in National Jute Fair
Shelter home children participated in the five days long National Jute Fair 2020 on 6 March 2020. The program was organized by the Ministry of Textiles and Jute, Government of Bangladesh.
Some selected art works made by shelter house children were displayed in a stall of the exhibition and it was praised by the experts. The Secretary of the Ministry, Mr. Lokman Hossain Mia was present in the award giving ceremony and he praised the works of the shelter house children.
15.29-02-2020Shelter House Inauguration and Falgun Mela
Falgun Mela and Shelter House official Inauguration ceremony was held on 29 February 2020. Honorable Chairman, KK Foundation Mr. Mazherul Quader and Vice-Chairman Ms. Khursid Mazher inaugurated the ceremony. On this occasion, the Foundation arranged “Falgun Mela” in the front yard of the shelter house premises (KKF Program Office) at Uttara.
There were six stalls of small art and crafts made by the shelter house children, snacks from Talent Chef, Shufola’s products, books and pitha. Chief Advisor Mr. Mahin Bin Mazher, Senior Advisor Ms. Esha Mahin, Ms. Afroza Moazzem and other respected board members and senior officials of KKF were present in the ceremony.
In the ceremony, Chief Advisor Mr. Mahin Mazher gave an encouraging speech to the children. He observed that the most terrible poverty in this world was loneliness and the feeling of being unloved. The children, who were living in the shelter house should not think themselves alone under any circumstances because he considered all of them as a part of his family and they all were just like their children. He and his organization were always with the children for any kind of support.
The Honorable Chairman, in his speech mentioned that all the children who were staying in shelter house were the resources of the country. The Foundation would provide them with all necessary facilities like need based vocational training along with fulfilling their basic needs so that, in future they could face the real world more confidently.
An art exhibition was also held where art work of the children were displayed. The children also presented a cultural show after the official inauguration and enjoyed the time with the senior management and also shared their views and thoughts with them.
14.21-02-2020Celebrating International Mother Language Day
For honoring the heroic struggles and sacrifices of the martyrs for our mother tongue Bangla, the children of shelter house walked barefoot, singing songs of patriotism on 21st February 2020.

They offered flowers in the Shahid Minar. The Language Movement is indeed the most important turning point in the history of Bangladesh as its spirit led to the Independence of Bangladesh in 1971. Later on, the children shared their views on the importance of the day which was followed by an art competition.
13.10-02-2020Donation from Amlaki
The KK Foundation received donation in kind from Amlaki in February 2020. They provided water filter, health and hygiene products, school stationeries and first aid kits for the shelter house children.
12.05-01-2020School Admission and Education Materials Distribution
For the new session, eight children were formally admitted in class one in January 2020. Both formal and non-formal education children received their books, copies, stationeries and school dresses for the new session.
11.19-12-2019Visit to Liberation War Museum
In 19 December 2019, children of KKF’s shelter house were taken to a visit to the Liberation War Museum, situated at Agargaon, Dhaka. Liberation war and Independence is an essential part of history of the nation, which is integral to their true identity as a Bangladeshi citizen. This visit has made them aware of their independence and will inspire them to be a true patriot of the nation.
10.18-12-2019Seminar on Liberation War Stories
A seminar titled “Muktijuddher Golpo Shono- Stories of Liberation War” was organized by KK Foundation at its Shelter House Program (Joy Shokol Shishur) on 18 December 2019. Mr. Sheikh Mohammad Shajahan, freedom fighter of sector 11 Kaderia Bahini, Mr. Hasnain Sabih Nayak, Co-Founder and International Relation and Culture Editor of TOITOMBOOR (Children and Juvenile Monthly Magazine) and Mr. Sabih Ul Alam, prominent artist and senior adviser of TOITOMBOOR were present as keynote speakers.
They depicted the stories of liberation war and significance of independence to the children. On this event, children performed group dance, music and drew paintings based on liberation war.
The first retreat of the Foundation was organized on 18th October 2019 at “Arannya Bilash”, Rajendrapur, Gazipur. The occasion was graced by the presence of Mr. Md. Mazherul Quader, Chairman, Ms. Khurshid Mazher, Vice-Chairman and Ms. Esha Mahin, Senior Advisor, who attended the retreat to the great joy of the KKF Staff Members. This was an especially joyous occasion for the children of the Shelter House Program who were delighted with the games, swimming, snake charming show, and special tasty treats.
The Honorable Chairman, Vice-Chairman and Senior Advisor spent the day interacting with the children, appreciating the work that had been done by the staff members and reflecting on the goals that needed to be achieved in future.
Celebration of Eid-ul-Adha
Eid-ul-Adha was celebrated at our shelter house with immense festivity. Children were provided new clothes, shoes and cosmetics. They also received special foods for 3 days. They visited National Museum as a part of their Eid celebration.
Celebration of Eid-ul-Fitr
In Eid-ul-Fitr children of the shelter house received new clothes and hygiene products. Improved diet was provided for 3 days. Children were taken to different recreational places.
6.26-03-2019* Primary and Secondary school students of shelter house received several prizes and made us proud.
5.17-03-2019* Children Day Celebration
On the occassion of Children Day KK Foundation arranged an Art Competition for the shelter house children.
4.21-02-2019KKF solemnized International Mother Language Day
3.14-02-2019KK Foundation rejoiced Pohela Phalgun and Pitha Utsab with the shelter house children and distinguished guest.
2.13-02-2019Mr. Tariq Alam, from QuadReal, Ambassedor, Canada Visited
Shelter House Program on 13th February.
1.02-01-2019* School Uniform, Bags and Stationery Distribution
After the admission into the formal school both primary and secondary school students of the shelter house received uniform, school bags and stationery.