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Workshop on Business Etiquette and Effective Communication

Workshop on Business Etiquette and Effective Communication

Etiquette is a basic skill of a successful business. The art of portraying a poised, self-confident image in today’s demanding working atmosphere is a skill that is much too often overlooked by many professionals. A large part of the successful image comes from knowing your particular business, an even greater part comes from knowing the basics of good manners. Good manners include everything from building good relationships and being gracious in social situations to dressing appropriately for any business setting.

Every contact employees have with other people is a reflection on the organization. As organizations are more focused on competing in a global market, appropriate etiquette becomes increasingly important. In some instances, even an inappropriate introduction could cost an organization thousands in lost revenue as well as reputation.

Foundation under its ‘skill up by simple learn’ program has arranged a workshop for its employee on dated 21 May 2022. Ms. Rafia Sultana, Assistant Director, KK Foundation, facilitated the program. The workshop covers how to introduce people to others, using formal names instead of first names, when and how to thank others, how to dress with executive poise, proper social interaction at receptions and parties, how and when to shake hands or greet others, navigating a formal table setting, handling meetings with ease, how to manage work space and appropriate interaction with co-workers. Colleagues from both Development and Enterprise division has joined and enjoyed the session

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